Julie Chapin

Julie Chapin had a knack for grabbing attention at an early age. As a child, Julie performed plays for friends and neighbors and, by the age of 12, incorporated her entrepreneurial skills by creating puppet shows and hiring herself out at birthday parties for small children. By 16, Chapin was playing the Catskills and it was obvious to anyone who knew her that Hollywood was beckoning.

Her parents were not so amused. They urged Chapin to pursue a career – “a real job” – which eventually she did, but not before enrolling in an acting class at Vassar College, conducted by none other than the legendary actress Jean Arthur, an experience she would never forget and which would serve her well in her future.

During the next 30 years, Chapin worked as a corporate attorney. She eventually married, raised four children, and sent them off to college. Julie then retired from the corporate setting and went on to work in the non-profit world – for an organization that benefits children in the foster care system. More recently, she’s been serving as producer/host for PetsCentral Media (LA/Hong Kong) and Princeton Public Access TV. She’s also has been filming in Hollywood as the lovable, earthy widow Fannie Goldstein in the family adventure film Ghost Goggles, and in the recurring role of the tough classy widow Alexandra Levy in the new epic series Sangre Negra.