Rabies Initiative

Mission Possible: ERADICATE RABIES

Considered the world’s most fatal virus that affects both humans and animals, yet is 100% preventable, there is certainly a need to take more concrete steps in addressing this problem that still claims up to 55,000 victims every year. With 95% of human deaths occurring in Asia, the Pets Central Foundations (PCF) are on a mission to eradicate rabies in this part of the world, beginning with the Philippines.

According to the World Health Organization, the Philippines ranks among the highest in the world in terms of rabies prevalence. Statistics from the Department of Health (DOH) reveal that between 300 to 600 Filipinos, mostly children, die of the virus every year.

The PCF are working with the Animal Health and Welfare Division, Bureau of Animal Industry, Department of Agriculture and the City and Provincial Governments of Palawan to help raise awareness and prevent the spread of the virus through vaccination and education programs, with the province of Palawan as only the first of its beneficiaries.

With 97% of cases of rabies involving dog bites, the PCF aims to administer vaccines to the dog population, translating in protection for both people and the animals on a more exponential scale. This goes hand-in-hand with the education of the community to help them know how they can safeguard themselves and their children, even after exposure to the virus, through the proper treatment. The two-pronged approach will cover as wide a swathe as possible, from cause to effect and in between, in order to ensure the eradication of the virus in the communities of Palawan.