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Siu Bak Bak is a friend to all the regular hikers in the mountains of North Point district, HK.

One day, they found him whimpering and weak, his flesh eaten by maggots.  His rescuers brought him to Pets Central hospital NP, where veterinarians are working hard to save him.

Tiger, the hero cat, provided blood that Siu Bak Bak badly needs to live.

Through their love, care and combined resources, Siu Bak Bak is out of immediate danger.

But he is still fighting for his life and much more needs to be done.

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Diary of Siu Bak Bak’s Rescue


Saturday, June 4

One day after treatment, Siu Bak Bak’s temperature was low. We cleaned his wound with barely any resistance from him. Treatment was administered and we tried to keep him as warm and comfortable as we could. It was fortunate that he ate some of the soft canned food we fed him with.

Prognosis guarded.

The good Samaritans, who brought him in to seek treatment, visited in the afternoon and spent some quality time with him.


Sunday, June 5 – Monday, June 6

Siu Bak Bak improved amazingly once his temperature went up! He has been ravenous and was getting up to look for more food. His blood test result has also improved. However, the huge wound on his right hip region may have to be surgically cleaned up further. Hopefully, he would not lose his tail.


Tuesday, June 7

Siu Bak Bak will be undergoing another surgery today to remove more of the dead tissue around his wound. He was looking bright and alert this morning, perhaps waiting eagerly for his breakfast. Sadly, we have to deny him of his meal because he had to be fasted for surgery.


Tuesday, June 7 – Tuesday, June 14

Daily wound cleaning were mandatory to reduce infection and encourage new skin cells to form. Siu Bak Bak had to be hand fed daily to keep his weight consistent. His appetite has been poor and the lack of exercise has led to the loss of muscle mass.


Wednesday, June 15

Siu Bak Bak had another wound debridement today, this time with just local anaesthesia. Siu Bak Bak tolerated it well and did not make a huge fuss at all. Siu Bak Bak may require another 1—2 surgeries to reconstruct the skin around his anus and thighs.


Thursday, June 16 to Present Day

Siu Bak Bak continues to tolerate his daily wound cleaning patiently. The route to recovery will be long but it is heartening to see his progression from day 1 till now.

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