Help eradicate rabies in Palawan

$20.00 / month

Donating to Pets Central Education and Welfare Foundation, USA

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编码: PC-CH-MD-20


PCF’s global partnership brings together east and west in a strategic collaboration to advance the cause of animal welfare in the United States, Greater China and around the world. Through our extensive network of highly qualified veterinarians, we are able to reach out and join forces wherever possible with all those who seek to foster a better world for animals. Your donation will help give animals a voice and make a greater impact where it is needed most.

To give you an idea of what your donation can achieve:

  • Help eradicate rabies in Palawan – HK$20 / US$2.50
  • Provide extra food for the animals – HK$70 / US$10
  • Provide an animal shelter – HK$100 / US$15

Please donate now!