This is Tiger, a cat that has benefited from the Pets Central Animal Welfare Foundation. He is now enjoying life as our clinic mascot at Pets Central North Point Hospital. Yet, happy life never comes easy. Let’s rewind the clock to before the happy days when he was a stray cat.

According to our volunteer, Tiger was found abandoned at the North Point Ferry Pier. He was shivering with fear, giving the volunteer a dull look. At that time, Tiger’s hindlimbs were found seriously wounded, probably a result of being bitten by stray dogs. In the cold wind and drizzle, poor Tiger was curling up in a corner, silently waiting for his destiny to unfold. Obviously, his condition could not afford any delay. So, the volunteer brought him to Pets Central North Point Hospital right away for emergency treatment. Tiger survived the emergency surgery. However, we missed the window of opportunity. His lumbar spine was seriously injured and spinal nerve damaged. Despite several follow-up surgeries and the Chinese acupuncture treatments, Tiger’s hindlimbs were paralyzed.

Tiger’s life was never easy. He was abandoned at the desolate North Point Ferry Pier. Then he was attacked by stray dogs and became paralyzed in his hindlimbs. Yet, Tiger has a strong mind. He has a cheerful and perseverant personality. After some practices, Tiger has gotten used to walk with his forelimbs, with his hindlimbs as walking aid. He can now jump down to a sofa and climb up one step of a staircase. The volunteer who has helped rescue Tiger is glad to see how happy Tiger is nowadays.

Tiger has recovered quickly under the great care of everyone at Pets Central, and has stayed in the North Point Hospital since then. Tiger is also very emphatic that he would feel for other cats that have similar experiences. There were cases that Tiger serves as a guiding angel by donating blood to other cats.

Through the years, Tiger has helped many other cats. As he started to grow old, he is enjoying retirement at Pets Central after having accomplished his mission.

Life is precious. Yet not every abandoned or injured animal is lucky enough to have met a life- saving volunteer. Those unlucky ones would just spend their entire lives on the street till they take their final breath.

We are not superheroes. We do not have the capability to save all the pets who are injured or left abandoned. However, we can all take a step forward by donating to Pets Central Animal Welfare Foundation. We can all contribute to improving animal welfare for street animals!