Week Four

Tiger has spent more than 10 years in the Pets Central North Point Hospital, enjoying a stable and happy life that was once next to impossible. Everyone at the Hospital, be it the veterinarian or the nurse, considers Tiger as a family member. They have been taking very good care of him and would spend time after work to play with him. Some members of staff would pay special visit to Tiger even after they have left Pets Central or […]

Week Three

Tiger started to open his heart to others after settling in at the Pets Central North Point Hospital. Unlike how he behaved when he first came to the Hospital, he gradually became less shy in front of strangers. This transition was never easy. Yet, time is the best cure to help heal his wound. Tiger has a very positive and optimistic character.  Thanks to the loving care from vets and nurses at Pets Central, slowly Tiger has moved on to […]

Week Two

After volunteers brought Tiger to Pets Central for emergency treatment, it took some time for Tiger to recover and go through the rehabilitation treatment. That journey was never easy. But Tiger made it with his strong mind and perseverance. Over time he gradually regained his health. However, his hindlimbs could never recover fully as his has missed the window of opportunity for treatment. As such, Tiger has started to learn to move around with his forelimbs only. He also started […]

Week One

This is Tiger, a cat that has benefited from the Pets Central Animal Welfare Foundation. He is now enjoying life as our clinic mascot at Pets Central North Point Hospital. Yet, happy life never comes easy. Let’s rewind the clock to before the happy days when he was a stray cat. According to our volunteer, Tiger was found abandoned at the North Point Ferry Pier. He was shivering with fear, giving the volunteer a dull look. At that time, Tiger’s […]