After volunteers brought Tiger to Pets Central for emergency treatment, it took some time for Tiger to recover and go through the rehabilitation treatment.

That journey was never easy. But Tiger made it with his strong mind and perseverance. Over time he gradually regained his health. However, his hindlimbs could never recover fully as his has missed the window of opportunity for treatment. As such, Tiger has started to learn to move around with his forelimbs only. He also started to settle in in Pets Central North Point Hospital.

All this happened a few years ago.

The Pets Central North Point Hospital has been a home for Tiger. He gets along very well with all the staff members as well as clients. Again, it was a challenging experience for Tiger at the beginning. Back then, he used to hide away in a box, looking out with wariness and caution. He would peer into the surroundings with mistrust, and always stayed alert on what was going on around him. Obviously, Tiger’s response was unusual. It was not simply due to a lack of sense of security in a new environment. It actually revealed Tiger’s own terrible experience that triggered panic when he faced a new environment. Based on his reaction and state of mind at that time, it would be hard to imagine the trauma he went through at the North Point Ferry Pier.

Even a human being would find it hard to live without food and shelter, not to mention Tiger was only a kitten! Being abandoned at night, wandering aimlessly under dim streetlights, facing an unknown future and dark nights, feeling scared and confused, Tiger did not even have enough food to sustain. What’s worse was that his life was put at risk with the serious bite by stray dogs.

It was unfortunate for Tiger. But he has some luck out of the misfortune because a volunteer came to rescue at that critical moment. However, not all cats and dogs can be that lucky to have someone come to their rescue when they need it. Right at this moment, each and every stray cat or dog is exposed to danger, facing great peril that could happen any time, and the peril can be life-threatening too.

Keeping a pet is a life-long responsibility. Your impulsive decision to get one may cause the pet a life of trauma.

Don’t count on luck that all abandoned animals will come across loving new owners who want to  take good care of them. This is just wishful thinking to ease their guilty feeling. In reality, some abandoned animals would prefer to face life on the streets.

As pet parents, it is your responsibility to take good care of your pets. However, not all cats and dogs have the luck of having a loving home. Please donate to Pets Central Animal Welfare Foundation to help the stray cats and dogs on the street.