Tiger has spent more than 10 years in the Pets Central North Point Hospital, enjoying a stable and happy life that was once next to impossible.

Everyone at the Hospital, be it the veterinarian or the nurse, considers Tiger as a family member. They have been taking very good care of him and would spend time after work to play with him. Some members of staff would pay special visit to Tiger even after they have left Pets Central or were relocated to other clinics. They really have deep feeling of love for Tiger.

During festive seasons, Tiger will put on funny costumes to add festive atmosphere to the Pets Central North Point Hospital. On Halloween, he cosplayed in different costumes to bring a lot of fun for people at the Hospital! At Christmas, Tiger dressed like an angel to bring blessings to other animals suffering from illness or injuries at the Hospital. At Chinese New Year and Easter, Tiger enjoyed all the celebration activities with everyone at the Hospital.

Now that Tiger has reached his retirement age. Years ago, when the name “Tiger” was given to him, we hoped the name brought hope and blessing to him. We hoped Tiger would grow strong and full of energy, just like a tiger.

Years fly by and our expectation on Tiger has become reality. Though Tiger’s hindlimbs have been paralyzed, he remained positive and strong. His early life was tough, but he survived with unswerving determination. Tiger is a fighter in life.  He has not only lived his life to its fullness, but also has inspired others with his strong spirit.

Once again, we would like to thank the volunteers who have made efforts in helping stray animals. They have contributed to saving many precious lives.

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